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Eifel 2011

Eifel-Excursion 2011
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Geowissenschaftliches Institut
Leaders: Dr. H. Müller-Sigmund, Dr. J. Sigmund
Duration: 4 days (16.06.2011 - 19.06.2011)
Subjects: Volcanism of the East and the West Eifel, development of volcanic activity and geochemistry in time, eruption mechanisms, economic use of volcanic products in the past and today, waste disposal in volcanic areas, water management in volcanic ecosystems

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1 Wehr caldera


1: overview of Wehr caldera from Dachsbusch 
2: landfill site “Eiterkopfe” 
3: inspection gallery for the drainage system of the landfill site “Eiterkopfe” 
4: climbing down into the lava dome of Mendig 
5: acidulous spring “Elisabeth” near Siegbach 
6: lake Laach after thunderstorm 
7: “Schräm” machine for tuff cutting in quarry Weibern 
8: looking for mantle xenoliths in the quarry Leyendecker, Meerfeld maar 
9: feeder dyke system in Herchenberg quarry 
10: taking tuff profiles at Süßenborn